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1Biological Sciences (BIO)
2Bonstelle Theatre (bonstelletheatre)
3C. S. Mott Center for Human Growth and Development (mottcenter)
4Chatsworth Tower Apartments (chatsworth)
5Chemistry (CHEM)
6Children's Center (childrencenter)
7Children's Hospital of Michigan (CHIL)
8Cohn (COHN)
9College of Education (EDUC)
10College of Engineering (ENGG)
11Community Arts (COMM)
12Computing Services Center (5925-woodward)
13Custodial / Grounds Building Art Foundry
14Danto Engineering Development Center (danto)
15DeRoy Auditorium (DRY)
16Detroit Histrical Museum
17Elliman Building (elliman)
18Engineering Technology - Engineering (ETB)
19Facilities Planning & Management (FPM) - Finance & Business Operations (facilities)
20Faculty / Administration (FAB)
21Freer House (FRER)
22General Lectures (LECT)
23Harper Hospital Professional Building (harper-hosp-prof-bldg)
24Harper University Hospital (HARP)
25Helen L. DeRoy Apartments (deroyapt)
26Hilberry Theatre (HIL)
27Hutzel Hospital (HARP)
28Hutzel Professional Building
29Jacob House (JAC)
30Knapp Building (KNAP)
31Kresge Eye Institute (kresgeeyeinstitute)
32Lande Building (land)
33Law Classroom (lawclassroom)
34Law Library, Arthur Neef (LAWL)
35Law School Building (LAW)
36Leon H. Atchison Residence Hall (southres)
37Life Science (LIFE)
38Linsell House (LINS)
39Mackenzie House (mackenzine)
40Manoogian Hall (MANO)
41Manufacturing Engineering (MANU)
42Matthaei Physical Education Center (MATT)
43McGregor Memorial Conference Center (mcgregor)
44Medical Education Commons (medicallibrary)
45Meyer L. Prentis Cancer Center (KPRE)
46Mort Harris Recreation and Fitness Center (fitness)
47Mortuary Science (MORT)
48Music Building North (musicnorth)
49Old Main (MAIN)
50Parking Structure 1 (parking1)
51Parking Structure 2 (parking2)
52Parking Structure 3 (parking3)
53Parking Structure 4 (parkingstructure4)
54Parking Structure 5 (parking5)
55Parking Structure 6 (parking6)
56Parking Structure 7 (parking7)
57Parking Structure 8 (parking8)
58Physics (PHY)
59Police Department (Public Safety) (policedepartment)
60Prentis Building (PREN)
61Purdy / Kresge Library (PURD)
62Rackham (RACK)
63Rands House (RAND)
64Receiving Hospital (DRH)
65Rehabilitation Institute (REHA)
66Reuther Library (REU)
67Schaver (MUSI)
68Science and Engineering Library (SCLB)
69Science Hall (SCI)
70Scott Hall (SCOT)
71Shapero Hall (SHAR)
72Simons Building (SIM)
73Skillman (SKIL)
74St. Andrew's (standrews)
75Stadium Auxiliary (stadiumaux)
76State Hall (STAT)
77Student Center (SCB)
78The Towers Residential Suites (newresidence)
79Thompson Home (THOM)
80Tolan Park Medical Building
81Undergraduate Library, David Adamany (UGLB)
82University Health Center (UHC)
83University Services Building
84University Tower (unitower)
85VA Medical Center (VA)
86Welcome Center (welcome)
87Woodward Gardens (Woodward-Gardens)
88Yousif B. Ghafari Hall (northres)
89100 Antoinette (100antoinette)
901200 Holden (1200 Holden)
913750 Woodward (3750woodward)
925057 Woodward (5057)
935425 Woodward (5425woodward)
945743 Woodward (5743-woodward)
955957 Woodward (5957woodward)
965959 Woodward (5959woodward)
9777 W. Canfield (77wcanfield)
98Academic / Administrative (AAB)
99Adams Field
100Alumni House (alumnihouse)
101Applebaum Building (APHS)
102Art Building (ART)
103Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute (KCI)
104Barnes & Noble Bookstore (wsubookstore)
105Beecher House (beecherhouse)
106Bioengineering (BIOE)

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