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1Track (TK)
2Trustees Board Room (TRST)
3Vaughn Center (VC)
4Walker Hall and Lecture Halls (WH)
5West Kennedy Hall (WKH)
6813 Building
7Alfred and Beverly Austin Hall (AUST)
8Aquatic Center
9Art Center-Saunders (AD)
10Art Gallery-Scarfone / Hartley
11Art Studios - R.K. Bailey (BAS)
12Athletic and Intramural Complex- Naimoli Family
13Athletic Offices / Classrooms
14Athletics Center - Bob Martinez (MAC)
15Baseball Field - Sam Bailey
16Boathouse - McNeel
17Book Arts Studio
18Bookstore - Barnes & Noble
19Brevard Hall (BREV)
20Campus Safety
21Cass Building (CB)
22Central Receiving
23Chiller Plant (CP)
24College of Arts and Letters - 2nd Floor
25College of Business - Sykes (JS)
26College of Natural and Health Sciences (2nd Floor)
27College of Social Sciences, Mathematics and Education (2nd Floor) (CA)
28Communication Annex (Faculty Offices) (CA)
29Computer Center - Robert A. Jaeb (CC)
30Conference Facilities - Vaughn Center (9th Floor) (CHIS)
31Conference Room - Alumni
32Conference Room - Chiselers (2nd Floor)
33Crescent Club (CRES)
34David A. Straz Jr. Hall
35Dining Facilities - Frank and Carol Morsani Hall
36Dining Facilities - Vaughn Center (DHVC)
37East Walker Hall (EW)
38Edison Building (ED)
39Fitness Center - McNiff (MCNF)
40Fletcher Lounge - Plant Hall (FLET)
41Frank and Carol Morsani Hall (MOR)
42Frank P. Urso, M.D. Hall
43Gatehouse (GH)
44Graduate and Continuing Studies
45Grand Salon - Plant Hall (GRSA)
46Health and Wellness Center - Stephen F. and Marsha Dickey (HC)
47Health Sciences and Human Performance Building (HSHP)
48Howard Johnson Plaza Hotel
49Information Technology Annex (ITA)
50Intramural Field (IF)
51Krusen Building (KRS)
52Leadership Development Course
53Library - Macdonald-Kelce (LIB)
54Little School House
55MacKechnie Building (MKE)
56McKay Hall (MCKA)
57Museum - Henry B. Plant (MUS)
58Music Center - Ferman (MD)
59Music Room - Plant Hall (MUSE)
60North Boulevard Annex (NBA)
61North Walker Hall - Academic Success Center (NW)
62Nursing Faculty Offices (1st Floor) (NFO)
63Plant Hall - Academic and Administrative Building (PH)
64Post Office (POST)
65President's Conference Room
66Registrar's Office
67Residence Com (RC)
68Riverside Center (RIVC])
69ROTC and Athletics Building- General Peter J. Schoomaker (SCHO)
70Science Annexx (SA)
71Smiley Hall (SMIL)
72Snack Bar / Rathskeller- Ground Floor
73Softball Complex - Naimoli Famil (WSF)
74Stadium - Art and Polly Pepin (PS)
75Sword & Shield Room
76Sykes Chapel and Center for Faith and Values (SCFV)
77Tennis Complex - Naimoli and Young Family (TC)
78Theater - Allen N. Reeves (2nd Floor)
79Theater - David Falk
80Thompson Building (TB)

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