CEMEX Auditorium at Stanford

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1Falk Center
2Field Conservation Facility
3Fire Department
4Fire Truck House
5Florence Moore - Alondra
6Florence Moore - Cardenal
7Florence Moore - Faisan
8Florence Moore - Front Desk
9Florence Moore - Gavilan
10Florence Moore - Loro
11Florence Moore - Mirlo
12Florence Moore - Paloma
13Ford Center
14Ford Plaza
15Forsythe (George) Hall
16Foster Field
17Frost Amphitheater
18Galvez Field
19Galvez Modular
20Gardiner Apartments
21Gas Station
22Gates Computer Science
23Geology Corner (320)
24Gilbert Biological Sciences Building
25Godzilla Modular
26Golf Clubhouse
27Golf Driving Range Facility
28Golf Pro Shop
29Gould House
30Governor's Corner
31Governor's Corner - Avanti
32Governor's Corner - Beefeater
33Governor's Corner - Bollard
34Governor's Corner - EAST (Treat)
35Governor's Corner - Griffin Residence
36Governor's Corner - Marx Residence
37Governor's Corner - Middle Earth
38Governor's Corner - Murray Residence
39Governor's Corner - Yost Residence
40Governor's Corner - Anderson Residence
41Governor's Corner Dining Societies: Avanti, Beefeater, Bollard, Middle Earth
42Governor's Corner Guest Cottages
43Graduate Community Center
44Graduate School of Business South
45Green Earth Sciences Building
46Green Library
47Griffin-Drell House
49Gunn (SIEPR)
50Gunn Building
51Haas Center
52Hagey Pediatric Regenerative Med
54Hansen Experimental Physics Lab (HEPL South)
55Harmony House
57Haus Mitteleuropa
58Health Research & Policy (Redwood)
59Herrin Hall, Herrin Labs
60Hillel-Ziff Center
61History Corner (200)
62Hoover Building, Lou Henry
63Hoover House, Lou Henry
64Hoover Memorial Building, Herbert
65Hoover Pavilion
66Hoover Tower
67Housing Maintenance Center and Annex
68IM South
69James H. Clark Center
70Jen-Hsun Huang Engineering
71Governor's Corner - Jenkins Residence
73Johnson Field (men and women's soccer, women's lacrosse)
74Jordan (420)
75Jordan Hall
78Kappa Alpha (KA)
79Kappa Alpha Theta (KAQ)
80Keck Science Building
81Kennedy Grove
82Kingscote Gardens
83Klein Field at Sunken Diamond
84Knight Building
85Knight Management Center
86Knoll, The (CCRMA)
87Koret Park
88Koret Pavilion
89Koret Plaza
90La Casa Italiana (Robert Moore North)
91La Maison Francaise
92Lagunita Court - Adelfa
93Lagunita Court - Eucalipto
94Lagunita Court - Granada
95Lagunita Court - Lakeside Dining
96Lagunita Court - Naranja
97Lagunita Court - Ujamaa A
98Lagunita Court - Ujamaa B
99Laird Q. Cagan Stadium
100Lake House
101Landau Economics
102Lane Medical Library
103Language Corner (Pigott Hall) (260)
104Lasuen (HFD)
105Lasuen Grove
106Lathrop Barn
108Law School
109Levin Field
110Li Ka Shing Center
111Little Stable
112Little Theater
113Littlefield Center
114Lorry Lokey Labs
115Lorry Lokey Stem Cell Research Building (SIM 1)
116Lucas Center (MSLS)
117Lucile Packard Children's Hospital at Stanford
118Lyman Graduate Residences
119Main Quad
120Maloney Field (men and women's soccer, women's lacrosse)
121Manzanita Field
122Gerhard Casper Quad - Castano
123Gerhard Casper Quad - Dining Commons
124Gerhard Casper Quad - Kimball Hall
125Gerhard Casper Quad - Lantana
126Maples Pavilion
127Maples Pavilion (basketball and women's volleyball)
128Margaret Jacks (460)
129Mariposa House
131Masters Grove
132Math Corner (380)
133Mathematics and Computer Science Library
136McClatchy Hall (120)
137McClelland Building
139Mechanical Engineering Research Lab (MERL)
140Medical School Office Building
141Memorial Auditorium
142Memorial Church
143Memorial Court
144Memorial Hall & Auditorium
145Meyer Library
147Mitchell Earth Sciences Building
148Montag Hall
149Moore Materials Research
150Mudd Chemistry (Braun Auditorium)
151Munger Building 1
152Munger Building 2
153Munger Building 3
154Munger Building 4
155Munger Building 5
156Munger Graduate Residence: 1-4, Jacobson-Sorensen, (HFD)
157Music Rehearsal Facility
160Nitery, The
161Nora Suppes Hall
163Oak Creek Apartments
164Obendorf Event Center
166Old Chemistry Building
167Old Health Research & Policy
168Old Union Fountain
169Organic Chemistry Building
170The Oval
171Owen House
172PAC 12 Plaza
173Palo Alto Caltrain Station
174Papua New Guinea Sculpture Garden
175Parking & Transportation Services
176Parking Structure 1
177Parking Structure 2
178Parking Structure 3
179Parking Structure 4
180Parking Structure 5
181Parking Structure 6
182Parking Structure 7
183Patterson Building
184Paul G. Allen Building
185Pearce Mitchell Houses
186Pepper Tree House
187Phi Sig
188Physics and Astrophysics Building
189Pigott Hall (Language Corner) (260)
190Pigott Theater
191Pine Hall
192Police Department
193Polya Hall
195Post Office
196Press Building
197Price Hall
198Prosser Theater
199Psychiatry Building
200Puichon Building
201Rains Houses
202Rains Houses - Hacienda Commons
203Red Barn
204Red Barn (stables, riding rings)
205Redwood Building
206Redwood Hall
207Robert Crown Law Library
208Roble Field
209Roble Gym (lockers, aerobics, dance, basketball, gymnastics, fencing, martial arts)
210Roble Hall
211Roble Pool
212Rodin Sculpture Garden
213Rogers House
215Sand Hill Fields, Stanford Athletics
216Sand Volleyball
217Schwab Residential Center
218Schwab Residential Center - Vidalakis Dining Center
219Sequoia Hall
220Serra East Building
221Serra Grove
222Serra Hall (589 Capistrano Way)
223Siebel Field (Football)
224Siebel Varsity Golf Training Complex
225Sigma Alpha Epsilon (SAE)
226Skilling Auditorium
227Slavianskii Dom
228SOM Central Loading Dock
229Spruce Hall
231Advanced Medicine Center: ASC, Cancer Center
232Stanford Athletics Shop
233Stanford Auxiliary Library (SAL)
234Stanford Barn, Old Winery (700 Welch Road)
235Stanford Community Farm
236Stanford Community Recreation Association (SCRA)
237Stanford Daily
238Stanford Equestrian Center
239Stanford Federal Credit Union
240Stanford Golf Course
241Stanford Graduate School of Business
242Stanford Hospital
243Stanford Humanities Center
244Stanford Recycling Center
245Stanford Stadium (football)
246Stanford Stadium Skybox
247Stanford Ticket Office
248Stanford West Apartments
249Stauffer Auditorium
250Stauffer I - Chemistry
251Stauffer II - Physical Chemistry
252Stauffer III - Chemical Engineering
253Sterling Quad
254Sterling Quad - Adams
255Sterling Quad - Potter
256Sterling Quad - Ricker Dining
257Sterling Quad - Robinson
258Sterling Quad - Schiff
259Stern Hall
260Stern Hall - Burbank
261Stern Hall - Casa Zapata
262Stern Hall - Donner
263Stern Hall - Larkin North
264Stern Hall - Larkin West
265Stern Hall - Serra
266Stern Hall - Twain East
267Stern Hall - Twain North
268Steuber Rugby Stadium
269Storage Buildings
270Storey House
271Student Housing Management Office
272Student Services Center
273Sunken Diamond (baseball)
274Sweet Hall (AIR)
275Taube Family Tennis Stadium
276Taube South
277Taylor Grove, Chuck
278Terman Auditorium
279The Axe and Palm
280The Stanford Store
281Theta Delta Chi (QD)
282Thornton Center (Terman Annex)
283Ticket Booth
284Ticket Office
285Tower House
286Toyon Grove
287Toyon Hall
288Tresidder Express Bookstore
289Tresidder Union
290Turing Auditorium
291Ueland Field (men and women's soccer, women's lacrosse)
292Vaden Student Health Center
293Varian Physics Lab
294Varsity Parking Lot
295Ventura Hall
296Visitor Information Center
297Wadsworth Hall
298Wallenberg (160)
299Welch Plaza
300West Campus Tennis Courts
301White Memorial Plaza
302Wilbur Field
303Wilbur Hall
304Wilbur Hall - Arroyo
305Wilbur Hall - Cedro
306Wilbur Hall - Dining
307Wilbur Hall - Junipero
308Wilbur Hall - Okada
309Wilbur Hall - Otero
310Wilbur Hall - Rinconada
311Wilbur Hall - Soto
312Wilbur Hall - Trancos
313William H. Neukom Building
314William R. Hewlett Teaching Center
316Y2E2 (Jerry Yang and Akiko Yamazaki Environment and Energy Building)
317Zambrano Hall
318Freidenrich Center for Translational Research (FCTR)
319Graduate School of Business (GSB)
320MBA Class of 1968 Building
321Johnson Pediatric Ambulatory Care Center
322Lathrop Gate House
323Central Process Steam Plant
324McMurtry Building
325Neukom Student Center / Arena
326Neuroscience Health Center
327Northwest Data Center and Communications Hub (NDCCH)
328O'Donohue Family Stanford Educational Farm
329C. J. Huang Building (780)
330Educational Farm - Green House
331Educational Farm - Shade Structure
332Educational Farm - Lathe House
333Paul G. Allen Center for Integrated Systems
334Science Teaching and Learning Center
335Cordiga Resource Recovery Center (CR2C)
336Shriram Center
337Spilker Engineering and Applied Sciences
338Old Union
339Stanford Dining, Hospitality, and Auxiliary
340Stanford Madera Grove Children's Center
341Mulberry House Child Care Center
342Escondite Cottage
3441047 Campus Drive
345576 Alvarado Row
346670 Lomita Drive
347Gerhard Casper Quad
348Gerhard Casper Quad - Ng House
349Highland Hall
350The GSB Common
351Schwab Residential Center - Tower
352Building 590
353Kappa Sigma
354Lagunita Court - Meier
355Lagunita Court - Norcliffe
356Lyman Commons
357Lyman Graduate Residence Building 1
358Lyman Graduate Residence Building 3
359Olmstead Road Staff Housing
360Olmsted Road Staff Housing
361Phi Kappa Psi
362Rains Houses - Bailey
363Fairclough Lounge
364Timoshenko Lounge
365Willis Lounge
366Central Energy Facility (CEF)
367Sigma Chi
368Sigma Nu
369Building 560
370Stern Hall Dining
371Arguello Park
372Arguello Field and Courts
373Avery Plaza
374East Oval Grove
375Gibbons Grove
376Meyer Green
377Terman Site
378West Oval Grove
379Varsity Field Hockey Stadium
380Anderson Collection
381Bing Concert Hall
382Building 10 - President's Office
383Building 20
384Building 30
385Building 40
386Building 50
387Building 60
388Building 70
389Building 80
390Building 90
391Building 100
392Building 110
393Building 170
394Building 1
395Building 240
396Building 250 - Hume Center
397Building 300
398Building 310
399Building 360
400Building 370
401Building 500
402Building 520
403Building 530
404Building 540
405Building 550 - Peterson Engineering Laboratory, The d.school
406Building 570
40730 Alta Road
408680 Lomita Drive
409717 Dolores Street
411Acorn House
412Anatomy Building
413Angel of Grief
414Annenberg Auditorium
415Arboretum Children's Center
416Arboretum Grove
417Arrillaga Alumni Center
418Arrillaga Center for Sports and Recreation
419Arrillaga Family Dining Commons
420Arrillaga Family Sports Center
421Arrillaga Gymnasium and Weight Room
422Arrillaga Plaza
423Art Gallery
424Artificial Turf Field
425Artist's Studio
426Automotive Innovation Facility
427Avery Aquatic Center
428Baldo Chamber Hall
429Bambi (Stanford Learning Lab)
430Barnes Hall
431Barnum Center
432Bass Center
433Bechtel International Center
434Beckman Center
435Bing Nursery School
436Bing Wing (Green Library)
437Biology Greenhouses
439Bishop Auditorium
440Black Community Services Center
441Blake Wilbur Clinic
443BOB (Robert Moore South)
444Bolivar House
446Boyd & Jill Smith Family Stadium
447Branner Earth Sciences Library
448Branner Hall Complex
449Braun Auditorium
450Braun Music Center
451Braun Rehearsal Hall
452Breer Library
453Brest Hall
454Brick Barn
455Bud Klein Clubhouse
456Burnham Pavilion
457Business, Graduate School of
458The Buttery (Rains 204)
459Cactus Garden
460Campbell Recital Hall
461Canfield Court
462Cantor Arts Center (Museum)
463Carnegie Foundation
464Carnegie Institution
465Cedar Hall
466CEMEX Auditorium
467Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences
468Center for Clinical Sciences Research (CCSR)
469Center for Educational Research at Stanford (CERAS)
470Center for Nanoscale Science and Engineering
471Center for Turbulence Research (CTR)
472Children's Center of the Stanford Community (CCSC)
473Clinic, Stanford (Boswell)
474Clock Tower
476Cobb Track & Angell Field
477Cogen Facility
479Cooksey (Synergy)
480Cordura Hall (CSLI)
481Covered Riding Ring
482Cowell Houses: Delta Delta Delta (DDD)
483Cowell Houses: Kappa Alpha Theta (KAQ)
484Cowell Houses: Pi Beta Phi (PBF)
485Cowell Houses: Terra
486Cowell Houses: ZAP
487Crothers Hall
488Crothers Mark Taper Center
489Crothers Memorial
490Cubberley Auditorium
491Cummings Art Building
492Cypress Hall
493Dan Elliott Practice Fields
494David Packard Electrical Engineering
495Department of Surgery
496Dinkelspiel Auditorium
497Dohrmann Grove
498Doyle Family Rugby Clubhouse
499Durand (William F) Building
500Durand Building
501East Wing (Green Library)
502Education, Graduate School of
503El Camino Grove
504Elliott Program Center (HFD)
505Enchanted Broccoli Forest
506Encina Commons
507Encina Hall
508Encina Modular A (Arguello 425)
509Encina Modular B (Arguello 427)
510Encina Modular C (Arguello 429)
511Environmental Safety Facility and ESF Annex
512Escondido Elementary School
513Escondido II - Abrams Midrise
514Escondido II - Barnes Highrise
515Escondido III - Hoskins Midrise
516Escondido III - Hulme Highrise
517Escondido III - McFarland Highrise
518Escondido IV - Blackwelder Highrise
519Escondido IV - Quillen Highrise
520Escondido Village Administrative Center (HFD)
521Escondido Village Center
522Escondido Village: Studio 1
523Escondido Village: Studio 2
524Escondido Village: Studio 3
525Escondido Village: Studio 4
526Escondido Village: Studio 5
527Escondido Village: Studio 6
528Eucalyptus Grove
529Faculty Building East
530Faculty Building West
531Faculty Club
532Fairchild Center

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