San Diego State University Campus Map

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1Life Sciences South (LS S)
2Little Theatre (LT)
3Love Library (LL)
4Love Library Addition (LLA)
5Manchester Hall (MH)
6Maya (MAYA)
7Montezuma Classrooms North (MCN)
8Montezuma Classrooms South (MCS)
9Music (M)
10Nasatir Hall (NH)
11North Education (NE)
12Olmeca (OLM)
13Peterson Gym (PG)
14Physical Sciences (PS)
15Physics (P)
16Physics / Astronomy (PA)
17Professional Studies & Fine Arts (PSFA)
18Public Safety (DPS)
19Speech, Language, & Hearing Sciences (SLHS)
20Storm Hall (SH)
21Storm Hall West (SW)
22Student Organization Annex (SOX)
23Student Services East (SSE)
24Student Services West (SSW)
25Tacuba Hall (RSTE)
26Tenochca Hall (TENO)
27Tepeyac (RSTW)
28Tony Gwynn Stadium (at Charlie Smith Field) (TGS)
29Tula Hall (TULA)
30University Towers (UT)
31Viejas Arena (ARNA)
32West Commons (WC)
33Zura Hall (ZURA)
34Adams Humanities (AH)
35Administration (AD)
36Alumni Center (Parma Payne Goodall) (ALUM)
37Arena Meeting Center (AMC)
38Art North (ART N)
39Art South (ART S)
40Arts and Letters (AL)
41Aztec Aquaplex (POOL)
42Aztec Mesa Modulars (AMSA)
43Aztec Recreation Center (ARC)
44Aztec Shops Bookstore (BOOK)
45Aztec Student Union (SU)
46Aztec Tennis Center (ATC)
47Calpulli Center (Student Health Services) (CLP)
48Chapultepec Hall (CHAP)
49Charles Hostler Hall (CHH)
50Chemical Sciences Laboratory (CSL)
51Cholula Hall (CHOL)
52College Square (CSQ)
53Communication (COM)
54Conrad Prebys Aztec Student Union (ASU)
55Cuicacalli (RSDN)
56Donald P. Shiley Bioscience Center (BSCI)
57Dramatic Arts (DA)
58East Commons (EC)
59Education & Business Administration (EBA)
60Education (ED)
61Engineering (E)
62Engineering Lab (EL)
63ENS Annex (ENSA)
64Exercise & Nutritional Sciences (ENS)
65Extended Studies Center (ESC)
66Fowler Athletics Center (FAC)
67Gateway Center (GC)
68Geography Annex (GA)
69Geology / Mathematics / Comp. Science (GMCS)
70Hardy Tower (HT)
71Hepner Hall (HH)
72Housing Administration (HA)
73Industrial Technology (IT)
74International Student Center (ISC)
75Life Sciences North (LS N)

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