Miami University Campus Map

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1Emerson Hall (EMR)
2Engineering Building (EGB)
3Erickson Dining Hall
4Ernst Nature Theatre
5Farmer School of Business (FSB)
6Field Hockey
7Fisher Hall (HCF)
8Flower Hall (FLW)
9Formal Gardens, Conrad
10Freedom Summer Memorial
11Garland Hall (center section)
12Glos Center (GGB)
13Greenhouse, Belk
14Hahne Hall (HNE)
15Hall Auditorium (HAL)
16Hamilton Hall (HAM)
17Hanna House (HAN)
18Hannon Park
19Harris Dining Hall
20Harrison Hall (HRN)
21Havighurst Hall (HAV)
22Health Services Center (HSC)
23Hepburn Hall (HEP)
24Heritage Commons (HCC)
25Hiestand Hall (HIS)
26Hoyt Hall (HYT)
27Hughes Laboratories (HUG)
28Ice Arena, Goggin (ICE)
29Irvin Hall (IRV)
30Joyner House (JOY)
31King Library (KNG)
32Kreger Hall (KRG)
33Kumler Chapel (KUM)
34Langstroth Cottage
35Laws Hall (LWS)
36Lewis Place (LEW)
37Logan Lodge (HCL)
38Lottie Moon House
39MacCracken Hall (MAC)
40MacMillan Hall (MMH)
41Marcum Conference Center (MCC)
42Marcum Nature Trail
43Martin Dining Hall
44Mary Lyon Hall (LYN)
45McBride Hall (MCB)
46McFarland Hall (MCF)
47McGuffey Hall (MCG)
48McGuffey Museum (MMU)
49McKee Hall (MCK)
50McKie Field at Hayden Park
51Miami Inn Residence Hall (INN)
52Millett Assembly Hall (MIL)
53Minnich Hall (MIN)
54Molyneaux-Western Bell Tower
55Morris Hall (MOR)
56Murstein Alumni Center (MUR)
57North Campus Garage
58North Chiller Plant
59Ogden Hall (OGN)
60Old Manse (OMN)
61Panuska Development Center (MUR)
62Parking (Permits / Office) (CAB)
63Patterson Place (PAT)
64Peabody Hall (PBD)
65Pearson Hall (PSN)
66Peffer Memorial Park
67Phillips Hall (PHI)
68Pines Lodge (HCP)
69Police Services Center (PSC)
70Porter Hall (POR)
71Presser Hall (PRS)
72Psychology Building (PSY)
73Pulley Tower, Verlin L.
74Recreational Sports Center (RSC)
75Reid Hall (HCR)
76Richard Hall (RIC)
77Roudebush Hall (RDB)
78Sawyer Hall (SAW)
79Scott Hall (SCT)
80Sesquicentennial Chapel (CHP)
81Shideler Hall (SHD)
82Shriver Center (SHC)
83Simpson - Shade Guest House
84Soccer Field
85Softball Field
86South Chiller Plant
87Stables, John W. Browne
88Stancote House
89Stanton Hall (STN)
90Steam Plant
91Stillman-Kelley Studio
92Stoddard Hall (STD)
93Student Athlete Development Center
94Swing Hall (SWG)
95Symmes Hall (SYM)
96Tallawanda Hall (HCT)
97Tappan Hall (TAP)
98Tennis Courts
99Thomson Hall (TOM)
100Track & Field, Rider
101University Archives
102Upham Hall (UPH)
103Walter L. Gross Jr. Family
104Warfield Hall (WAR)
105Wells Hall (WEL)
106Western Lodge (LNS)
107Western Maintenance Building
108Williams Hall (WIH)
109Wilson Hall (WIL)
110Withrow Court (WTH)
111Yager Stadium
112Admission (CAB)
113Advancement Services
115Alexander Dining Hall
116Alumni Hall (ALU)
117Anderson Hall (AND)
118Art Building (ART)
119Art Museum (AMU)
120Bachelor Hall (BAC)
121Bell Tower Place
122Benton Hall (BEN)
123Beta Bell Tower
124Billings Hall (BIL)
125Bishop Hall (BIS)
126Bishop Woods
127Blanchard House (HCB)
128Bonham House (BON)
129Boyd Hall (BOY)
130Brandon Hall (BRN)
131Burkhouse Staff
132Campus Avenue Building (CAB)
133Campus Avenue Garage
134Center for Performing Arts (CPA)
135Central Receiving (CSB)
136Child Development Center
137Clawson Hall (CLW)
138Climer Guest Lodge
139Cole Service Building (CSB)
140Collins Hall (COL)
141Cook Field
142Cook Place (COK)
143Cradle of Coaches Plaza
144Culinary Support Center (CSC)
145Culler Hall (CUL)
146Dennison Hall (DEN)
147Development Center
148Disability Resources (CAB)
149Ditmer Parking Lot
150Dodds Hall (DOD)
151Dogwood Grove
152Dorsey Hall (DOR)
153East End
154Elliott Hall (ELT)

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