Middle Georgia State University Campus Map

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1Russell Fine Arts (RUSSEL)
2Sanford Hall
3Memorial Hall (MEMORI)
4Dillard Hall
5Dillard Hall Addition
6Ebenezer Hall
7Jackson Office Building
8Wiggs Office Building
9Walker Hall (WALKER)
10Peacock Office Building
11Browning Dormitory
12Talmadge Dormitory
13Alderman Hall
14Warehouse No. 2
15Chiller Plant
16Morris Gymnasium (MORRIS)
17Georgia Hall
18Grace Hall
19Haynes Hall
20Anderson Hall
21Welch Hall
22Gateway Dormitory
23Knights Hall
24Swimming Pool
26Whipple Hall
27Wellness Center (WELLNS)
28Regents Dormitory
29Knights Field
30Athletic Training Facility (ATHLET)
31Stuckey Field
32Physical Plant
33Grounds Auto Shop
34Intramural Field
35Nesmith Stadium
36Dublin Center (DC_DUB)
37Dublin Center Library Building (DC_LIB)
38Dublin Center Annex Building (DC_ANX)
39Dublin Center Art Building
40Dublin Center Science Building
41Aircraft Maintenance
42Main Campus
43Corporate Hangar
44Hangar Building
45Aviation Hall
46Terminal Building (GA_TER)
47Thomas Hall
48Academic Services Building
49Oak Hall
50Nola Brantley Memorial Library
51Tennis Courts
52Administration (ADMIN)
53Academic Affairs
54Fiscal Affairs
55President's Office
56University Advancement
57Library (LIB)
58Student Success Center
59Technical Assistance Center
60Plant Operations (PLANT)
61Campus Support Services (CSS)
62Human Resources
64Technology Resources
65Mathematics (MATH)
66Mathematics Department
67Auditorium (AUD)
68Charles H. Jones Building (JONES)
69School of Health Sciences
70History and Political Science Department
71Natural Sciences Department
72Professional Sciences Center (PSC)
73School of Business
74School of Information Technology
75Conference Center
76Continuing Education
77Community Outreach
78Teacher Education Building (TEB)
79School of Education
80Psychology, Sociology, and Criminal Justice Department
81Student Life Center (SLC)
83Auxiliary Services
87Career Center
88Counseling and Disability Services
89Enrollment Services
90Financial Aid
91Game Room
93Student Affairs
94Student Life
95Student Support Services
96Testing Center
97Community Education Center (CEC)
98Center of Innovation for Aerospace
100Georgia Public Safety Training Center
101Health Clinic
102Arts Complex (ART)
103Rehearsal Hall
105College of Arts and Sciences (COAS)
106English Department
107Media, Culture, and the Arts Department
108Recreation and Wellness Center (REC)
109Admissions (Cochran Campus)
110Welcome Center
111Roberts Library (ROBERT)
112Harris Dormitory

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