Marshall University Campus Map

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1East Hall (EH)
2Forensic Science
3Foundation Hall / Erickson Alumni Center
4Freshman North Residence Hall (FN)
5Freshman South Residence Hall (FS)
6Gullickson Hall (GH)
7Harless Dining Hall
8Harris Hall (HH)
9Holderby Hall (HY)
10Jenkins Hall (JH)
11Joan C. Edwards Performing Arts Center (PAC)
12Joan C. Edwards Stadium
13Jomie Jazz Center (JJ)
14Joseph M. Gillette Welcome Center
15Laidley Hall (LA)
16Marshall Commons (Residence Halls) (MC)
17Marshall Newman Center
18Marshall University Graduate College
19Medical Education Building
20Memorial Fountain
21Memorial Student Center (MSC)
22Mid-Ohio Valley Center
23Morrow Library (ML)
24MU Research Corporation
25Old Main (OM)
26One Room Schoolhouse
27Parking Garage
28Prichard Hall (PH)
29Recreation Center (RC)
30Robert C. Byrd Biotechnology Science Building (BBSC)
31Robert C. Byrd Institute
32School of Medicine
33School of Pharmacy
34School of Physical Therapy
35Science Building (S)
36Sixth Avenue Parking Facility
37Smith Hall (SH)
38Smith Music Hall (SM)
39Soccer Complex
40Softball Field
41Sorrell Maintenance Building
42Twin Towers (TT)
43Wilber E. Myers Hall
44Art Warehouse (AW)
45Arthur Weisburg Family Engineering Laboratories (EL)
46Birke Art Gallery
47Bliss Charles Public Safety Building
48Buskirk Hall (BU)
49Cam Henderson Center (HC)
50Campus Bookstore
51Campus Christian Center
52Career Services Center
53Communications Building (CB)
54Corbly Hall (CH)
55Drinko Library (DL)

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