Loyola Marymount University Campus Map

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1Leavey 6 Apartments (LV6)
2Leavey Hall (LEV)
3Lemons Hall (LEM)
4Lions Athletic Center (LAC)
5Lions Den Cafe
6Lot F (Parking F)
7Malone Student Center (MAL)
8McCarthy Hall (MCC)
9McKay (Parking K)
10McKay Hall (MCK)
11Murphy Recital Hall (MUR)
12North Hall (NOR)
13O'Malley Alley (Parking O)
14O'Malley Apartments (OMA)
15Office of the Registrar
16Page Baseball Stadium (PBS)
17Pereira (Parking E)
18Pereira Annex (PAN)
19Pereira Hall of Engineer (PER)
20Public Safety (FAN)
21Rains Hall (RAI)
22Research Annex (RAX)
23Research Annex (SHC)
24Rosecrans Hall (ROS)
25Roski Dining Room
26Sacred Heart Chapel (SEA)
27Seaver (Parking D)
28Seaver Science Hall (SOU)
29South Hall (STR)
30St. Roberts Hall (UNH)
31Strub Theatre
32Student Financial Services
33Student innovation Center
34Sullivan Hall (SUL)
35Tenderich Hall (TEN)
36The Liar Marketplace
37U-Hall (Parking - Student / Visitor - P2-3)
38U-Hall (Parking P1)
39Undergraduate Admission
40University Hall
41University Pool & Building (UPB)
42VDA / Communication Arts (Parking M)
43Whelan Hall (WHE)
44William H. Hannon Library (WHH)
45WOW Wings
46Xavier (Parking I)
47Xavier Hall (XAV)
48Ahmanson Auditorium
49Alumni Relations
50Arrupe House (ARR)
51Athletics (Coaches)
52Baseball Lion Cage (BLC)
53Bird Nest (BIR)
54Bookstore (UNH)
55Bookstore (VDA)
56Burns (Parking C)
57Burns Annex (BAN)
58Burns Faculty Center (BFC)
59Burns Fine Art Center (BUR)
60Burns Recreation Center (BRC)
62Campus Busness Services
63Canisus House (CAN)
64Casa Rodriguez (CAS)
65Center For Ignatian Spirit
66Central Plant (CPL)
67Charles Von der Ahe Building (VDA)
68Chicldrens Center (CCC)
69Communications Arts (COM)
70Daum (Parking G)
71Daum Hall (DAU)
72Daum Hall Annex (DHA)
73Deja View Theatre
74Del Rey (Parking H)
75Del Rey North (DRN)
76Del Rey South (DRS)
77Del Rey Theatre
78Desmond Hall (DES)
79Doheny Hall (DOH)
80Doolan Hall (DOO)
81Drollinger Parking Plaza (Parking L)
82East Hall (EST)
83Engineering Design Center (EDC)
84F.M. Craft Shops (FMC)
85F.M. Transportation (FMT)
86Facilities Management (FMA)
87Financial Aid
88Foley Annex (FAN)
89Foley Building (FOL)
90Founders Pavilion (FOU)
91Gersten (Parking B)
92Gersten Pavilion (GER)
93Grenhouse (GRE)
94Hannon (Parking A)
95Hannon Apartments (HAN)
96Hannon Loft (HNL)
97Hilton Center for Buisness (HIL)
98Hogan Hall (HGN)
99Huesman Hall (HUE)
100Iggy's Diner
101Ingnation Commons (IGN)
102Jazzman Cafe
103Jesuit Community (JES)
104Jesuit Parking (Parking J)
105KXLU (Radio)
106Laband Gallery (LAG)
107Leavey 4 Apartments (LV4)
108Leavey 5 Apartments (LV5)

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