George Mason University Campus Map

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1Amherst Hall
2Aquatic and Fitness Center (AFC)
3Aquia Building (AQ)
4Art and Design Building (AB)
5Blue Ridge Hall (BL)
6Brunswick Hall
7Buchanan House (BUCHAN)
8Carow Hall (CAROW)
9Carroll Hall
10Carty House
11Center for the Arts / Concert Hall (CFA)
12Central Heating/Cooling Plant
13Child Development Center
15College Hall (CH)
17Cross Cottage
18David King Hall (DK)
19de Laski Performing Arts Building (PAB)
20Dickenson Hall
22East Building (E)
23Eastern Shore (ESTSHR)
24Eisenhower Hall (ESNHWR)
25Enterprise Hall (ENT)
26Essex Hall
27Exploratory Hall (EXPL)
28Facilities Administration
29Facilities Management, Archives
30Facilities Management, Customer Service Center
31Fenwick Library
32Field House (FH)
33Finley Building (FINLEY)
34Franklin Hall
35George Mason Statue
36Grayson Hall
38Hampton Roads and Pilot House (HR)
39Hanover Hall (HNOVR)
40Harris Theater (HT)
41Harrison Hall
42Ike's Diner
44Innovation Hall (IN)
45Jackson Hall
46Jefferson Hall
47Johnson Center (JC)
48Kelley II
49Kennedy Hall
50Krasnow Institute Building (KB)
51Krug Hall (KH)
52Lecture Hall (LH)
53Liberty Square Hall
54Lincoln Hall
55Madison Hall
56Mason Global Center (GLOBAL)
57Mason Hall (MH)
58Mason Inn Conference Center and Hotel (MIH)
60Merten Hall (MERTEN)
61Monroe Hall
62Music / Theater Building (MTB)
63Nguyen Engineering Building (ENGR)
64Northeast Module (NEM)
65Northeast Module II
66Northern Neck
67Nottoway Annex
68Parking Deck, Mason Pond
69Parking Deck, Rappahannock River
70Parking Deck, Shenandoah
71Parking Services
72Patriot Center
73Piedmont Hall (PIEDMT)
74Planetary Hall (PLANET)
75Police and Safety Headquarters
76Potomac Heights Hall / Housing Office
77Recreation and Athletic Complex (RAC)
78Recycling Center
79Research Hall (RSCH)
80Rivanna Module
81Robinson Hall A (R)
82Robinson Hall B (R)
83Roger Hall (ROGER)
84Roosevelt Hall
85Sandbridge Hall (SNDBGE)
86Skyline Fitness Center
87Southside Dining
88Student Apartments
89Student Union Building I (SUBI)
90Taylor Hall
91The Hub (HUB)
92TheaterSpace/Black Box
93Thompson Hall (T)
95Truman Hall
96University Hall (UH)
98Washington Hall
99West Building (W)
100West PE Module
102Wilson Hall
103Adams Hall

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