(TC) Turnbull Conference Center at FSU

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1(ACF) Alumni Center Facility
2(ACT) Oglesby Union - Activities Building
3(AME) Ame Building
4(ATL) Art Teaching Labs
5(AUD) Dodd Lecture Hall
6(AVO) Alumni Village
7(AWC) Alumni Welcome Center
8(BEL) Bellamy Building
9(BFA) Studios Railroad Square
10(BFS) Sliger Building
11(BIO) Biology Unit 1
12(BRW) Broward Hall
13(BRY) Bryan Hall
14(BTF) Basketball Training Facility
15(CAM) Campbell Doak Stadium
16(CAR) Carraway Building
17(CAW) Cawthon Hall
18(CC1) Warren Building
19(CC2) Winchester Building
20(CCC) Child Care Center
21(CHM) New Chemistry Building
22(CIR) Haskin Circus Complex
23(CON) Conradi Building
24(CPE) 1 - Dunwoody Street
25(CPE) 2 - Dunwoody Street
26(CRB) Collins Research Building
27(CRB) Crenshaw Recreation Building
28(CRB) Oglesby Union - Crenshaw Building
29(CSL) Chemical Sciences Laboratories
30(CUP) Center Utilities Plant
31(CWF) Cage Wash Facility
32(DAV) Oglesby Union - Davis Building
33(DEV) Deviney Hall
34(DIF) Diffenbaugh Building
35(DLC) Dittmer Chemistry Laboratory
36(DOD) Dodd Auditorium
37(DOD) Dodd Hall
38(DOR) Dorman Hall
39(DSC) Dunlap Success Center
40(DSL) Dirac Science Library
41(EHJS) EH&S Annex
42(ELB) Engineering Lab Building
43(EMH) McCollum Hall
44(EPS) Eppes Hall
45(FAA) Fine Arts Annex (Theatre)
46(FAB) Fine Arts Building
47(FHP) FHP Academy
48(FLH) Fisher Lecture Hall
49(FSB) Frank Shaw Building
50(GCB) Parking Control - University Center
51(GCC) Don Veller Seminole Golf Course & Club
52(GG2) University Center Bus Stop
53(GIL) Gilchrist Hall
54(GME) Global And Multicultural Engagement (The Globe)
55(HCB) HCB Classroom Building
56(HEC) Hecht House
57(HMB) Morgan Building
58(HMU) Housewright Music Building
59(HMU) Music (Housewright Building)
60(HTL) Hoffman Teaching Laboratory
61(HWC) Health And Wellness Center
62(JMH) Jennie Murphree Hall
63(JRC) Printing And Mailing Services
64(JRC) Printing Services Facility
65(KEL) Kellum Hall
66(KEN) Keen Building
67(KIN) King Life Sciences Building
68(KLB) Kasha Laboratory Building
69(KMU) Kuersteiner Music Building
70(KMU) Music (Kuersteiner Building)
71(KRB) Kellogg Research Building
72(L45) Training Center At University Place
73(LAN) Landis Hall
74(LAW) Roberts Hall - Law School
75(LIB) Law Library
76(LIB) Strozier Library
77(LON) Longmire Alumni Building
78(LOV) Love Building
79(LRB) Ridgeway Building
80(LSB) Shores Building - School Of Information Studies
81(LSR) Law Rotunda
82(MAB) Moore Athletic Center
83(MAG) National High Magnetic Field Laboratory
84(MBB) Molecular Biophysics Building
85(MC6) Modular 6 - Math Department
86(MCH) Carothers Hall
87(MCT) Marching Chiefs Tower & Practice Field
88(MEF) Tennis / Multipurpose Educational Facility
89(MFC) Marriage And Family Clinic
90(MIL) Harpe - Johnson Building
91(MJP) Mina Jo Powell Alumni Green
92(MLR) Art Faculty Annex
93(MMA) Mendenhall Maintenance Complex
94(MON) Montgomery Gym
95(MOR) Moore Auditorium
96(MRB) Materials Research Building
97(MSA) College Of Medicine Auditorium
98(MSB) College Of Medicine Building
99(MSR) College Of Medicine Research Building
100(NHMFL) Magnet Lab
101(NHMFL) Magnet Lab Gen. Science
102(NHMLF) Magnet Lab NMR Building
103(NHMLF) Magnet Lab OPMD Building
104(NRB) Nuclear Research Building
105(NWR) Northwest Regional Data Center
106(OGC) Oglesby Union
107(OSB) Rogers Building (Oceanography/Statistics)
108(PBC) Public Broadcast Facility
109(PCB) Pepper Building
110(PDA) Psychology Auditorium
111(PG1) Woodward Avenue Garage 1
112(PG3) Spirit Way Garage 3
113(PRE) Alumni Visitor's Center
114(PSF) Tanner Hall (FSU Police Department)
115(PSY) Psychology Building
116(RBA) Rovetta Business Building A
117(RBB) Rovetta Business Building B
118(REZ) FSU Reservation Lakefront Park
119(RF1) Research Foundation Building A
120(RF2) Research Foundation Building B
121(RH1) Ragans Hall 1
122(RH2) Ragans Hall 2
123(RH3) Ragans Hall 3
124(RH4) Ragans Hall 4
125(RMJ) Johnson Building
126(ROG) Rogers Hall
127(RRC) Regional Rehabilitation Center
128(RSF) Aramark Offices
129(SAL) Salley Hall
130(SAN) Sandels Building - College Of Human Sciences
131(SCN) School Of Nursing
132(SCO) Women's Soccer Complex
133(SCO) Womens Soccer
134(SEC) Stavros Economic Center
135(SGB) Gunter Building (Fl. Geol. Soc.)
136(SLB) Askew Student Life Building
137(SMH) Smith Hall
138(SOF) Women's Softball Complex
139(SOF) Womens Softball
140(SRC) Leach Recreation Center
141(SSB) Student Services Building
142(SSF) Scenic Studio Facility
143(SSO) Stiles / Smith Team Building
144(SST) Speicher Tennis Center
145(STB) Stone Building - College Of Education
146(TC) Turnbull Conference Center
147(TCP) Morcom Aquatics Center
148(THC) Thagard Health Center
149(TLA) The Lab - Building A
150(TLB) The Lab - Building B
151(TRK) McIntosh Track & Field Building (Mike Long Track)
152(TSB) Technology Services Building
153(TUL) Tully Gymnasium
154(TUR) Oglesby Union - Turner Building
155(UCB) Visitor Services
156(UCC) Miller Hall
157(UPL) Richards Building
158(UPL) Richards Hall
159(UPO) Oglesby Union - Post Office Building
160(WES) Westcot Welcome Center
161(WES) Westcott Building (Ruby Diamond Auditorium)
162(WJB) William Johnston Building
163(WMS) Williams Building
164(WO1) Center For Intensive English Studies
165(WOG) Black Student Union 4
166(WVI) Westcott Welcome Center - Visitor Information
167(YGO) Center For Civic Education
168(ZEB) Kempler Lab
169Academic Diving Facility
170Alpha Delta Pi Pavilion
171Alumni Association
172Anthropology Department - Varsity Plaza
173Ausley Law School
174Baptist Campus Ministry
175Bloxham Annex A
176Bloxham Annex B
177Bloxham Annex C
178Bobby Bowden Field
179Bookstore (Under Parking Garage)
180Bus Stop - Academic Way
181Bus Stop - Chieftan Way
182Bus Stop - Northside Acad Way
183Bus Stop - Stadium Drive
184Caldwell Law School
185Call Street Garage 4
186Campus Services Building
187Catholic Student Center
188Center For Autism
189Center For Human Rights
190Chapman Building
191Christian Science House
192Claude Pepper Center
193College Of Medicine Administration
194Damon Law School
195Degraff East
196Degraff West
197Devoe Moore University Center
198Dirac Science Library
199Dunlap Practice Fields
200Duxbury Hall - Nursing
201E.A.P. Facility
202Episcopal Student House
203Fallon Theatre
204Fine Arts Annex Theatre
205Fine Arts Museum
206Firestone Annex
207Firestone Building
208Flammable Storage
209FSU College Of Engineering Building A
210FSU College Of Engineering Building B
211FSU Engineering Building C
212FSU Nursery Greenhouse
213Garnet - N - Go
214Gazebo At Greek Park
215Hazardous Waste Facility
216Heritage Tower
217History - Special Projects
218Hobby - Harrison/Cawthon Law School
219Howser Batting Tunnel
220Howser Grounds Maintenance
221Howser North Gate
222Howser Stadium - Baseball
223Howser Ticket & Concession
224IM Fields Facilities
225Joanne Graf Softball Field
226Johnston Annex
227Landis Green
228Langford Green
229Latter Day Saints House
230Law Advocacy Center
231Legacy Fountain
232Library Tech. Services Stacks
233Lindsay Recital Hall (Kuersteiner Bldg)
234Lutheran House
235Main Campus Fields (Old IM Fields)
236Maintenance Shed #1
237Maintenance Shed #2
238Maintenance Shed #3
239Master Craftsman Studio
240Med. School Auditorium
241Med. School Research Building
242Mendenhall Annex
243Mendenhall Building A
244Mendenhall Building B
245MFA Studios
246Mike Long Stadium Track
247Mike Martin Baseball Field
248Multi - Purpose Education Facility
249Old Motor Pool Pumps
250Parking Garage #4 - Call St
251Parking Garage #5 - St. Augustine
252Parking Garage #6 - Pensacola
253Parking Garage 2 - Traditions
254Parking Garage I (Student)
255Parking Garage II (Student)
256Parking Garage III (Student / Staff)
257Parking Garage IV (Student)
258Postal & Receiving Services
259Presbyterian University Center
260President's House
261President's Pavilion
262Property Records Warehouse
263Rec. Sportsplex East
264Rec. Sportsplex Tournament Building
265Rec. Sportsplex West
266Recycling Center Building 1
267Recycling Center Building 2
268Recycling Center Building 3
269Recycling Center Building 4
270Residence Hall 10
271Residence Hall 11
272Reynolds Hall Rey
273Sand Volleyball Courts
274Sandels Green
275Satellite Utilities Plant #1
276Satellite Utilities Plant #2
277Sellers Amphitheatre (Kuersteiner Bldg)
278Shaw Telecommunications
279Soccer / Softball Concessions
280Soccer / Softball Restrooms
281Soccer Practice Field
282Soccer Pressbox
283Soccer Stadium
284Soccer Storage Facility
285Softball Batting Cage
286Softball Home Dugout
287Softball Pressbox
288Softball Stadium
289Softball Visitor's Dugout
290Sports Clubs Field Facility
291Stadium Place - Training Center
293State Storage Warehouse
294Stults Aquatic Center
295Tallahassee - Leon County Civic Center
296Tanner Equipment Shed
297Thrasher Building
298Ticket / Security Building
299Track Concessions
300Track Press Box & Bleachers
301Traditions Hall
302Tucker Civic Center
303Turlington Building
304Turnbull Florida State Conference Center
305Union Green
306University Center Building A
307University Center Building B
308University Center Building C
309University Center Building D
310Vending Hut - Chieftan Way
311Vending Hut - Salley
312Vending Hut - Union
313Visual Art Annex
314Warehouse #3
315Warehouse #4
316Warehouse (Prop Storage)
317Wellness Parking Booth
318Werkmeister Reading Room
319West Dining Facility
320Westcott Fountain
321Westside Courts Pavilion
322WFSU, WFSQ (Broadcast Center)
323Wildwood Hall A
324Wildwood Hall B
325Wildwood Hall C
326Wildwood Hall North
327Wildwood Hall South
328Woodward At Call St. Parking Garage
329Woodward Plaza
330Zone 3 Maintenance

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