Fairmont State University Campus Map

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1Wallman Hall (WH)
2Wesley Foundation
3Bryant Place
4Colebank Hall (CH)
5College Park Apartments
6Duvall-Rosier Field
7Education Building (ED)
8Engineering Technology Building (ET)
9Erickson Alumni Center
10Falcon Center (FAL)
11Feaster Center (FC)
12Frank & Jane Gabor West Virginia Folklife Center
13Hardway Hall (HB)
14Hunt Haught Hall (HH)
15Jaynes Hall (JH)
16Locust Avenue
17Morrow Hall
18Newman Center
19One Room Schoolhouse Museum
20Parking Garage
21Pence Hall
22Physical Plant Building
23Practice Field
24Prichard Hall
25Ruth Ann Musick Library (LI)
26Shaw House
27Tennis Courts
28Turley Student Services Center (TC)

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