Eastern New Mexico University Roswell Campus Map

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1Liberal Arts
3Math & Science Success Center
4Media Services
5Multipurpose Room
6New Student Relations / Career Resource Center
7NM Rehabilitation Center (NMRC)
8Parking Lot A
9Parking Lot B
10Parking Lot C
11Parking Lot D
12Performing Arts Center (RPAC)
14Physical Education Center (RPEC)
15Physical Plant Operations
16Portales Information Center
18Quonset Huts
19Residence Halls (vacant)
20Science Labs
22Sierra Vista Village (Housing Complex)
23Small Business Development Center
24Special Services
25Student Outreach Offices
26Student Services Center (RSSC)
27Swimming Pool / Pool House (RPOOL)
28Testing Center
29Title V Offices
30Vice President for Academic Affairs
31Vice President for Business Affairs
34Writing Center / Cougar Cafe
35Administration Center (RAC)
36Admissions Office
37Adult Basic Education
38Advising and Retention Center
39Alcove Room
40Arts & Science Center (RASC)
41Assistant Vice President for External Affairs
43Auto Mechanics
44Automotive & Welding Technology Center (RATC)
45Aviation Maintenance Technology Center (RAMT)
46Bookstore Shipping & Receiving
47Budget Office / Business Office / Cashiers
48Business & Science
50Campus Security
51Campus Union Building (RCUB)
52Career & Technical Education
53CDL / Test Center
54Child Development Center (RCDC)
55College Development Office
56College Services Center (RCSC)
57Computer Classrooms
58Computer Commons
59Computer Services
60Conference Facilities
61CUB Conference Room
62Customized Training
63Dental Clinic
64Dual Enrollment Office
65Facilities Office
66Financial Aid Office
67Fine Arts
68Fireplace Room (CUB 102)
69Foundation Office
70GEAR UP Offices
72Health Science Center (RHSC)
73Human Resources / Payroll
74Institutional Reseach
75Instructional Center (RIC)
76Instructional Technology Center (RITC)
77Instructional Technology Help Center
79ITC Parking Lot
80Lawrence C. Harris Occupational Technology Center (ROTC)
81Learning Resource Center (RLRC)

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