Drexel University Campus Map

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1Library Learning Terrace
2MacAlister Hall (MACALS)
3Main Building Admissions Visit Center (MAIN)
4Mandell Theater (MNDELL)
5Marks Intercultural Center (INTCUL)
6Millennium Hall
7Myers Hall
8Nesbitt Hall (NSBITT)
9North Hall
10Northside Dining Terrace
11One Drexel Plaza (DXLPLZ)
12Papadakis Integrated Sciences Building (PISB)
13Parking Garage
14Pearlstein Business Learning Center (PEARL)
15Peck Alumni Center
16Peck Problem Solving & Research Center (PSRC)
17Pennoni Honors College
18Phi Mu
19Phi Sigma Sigma
20Pi Kappa Alpha
21Pi Kappa Phi
22PSA Building (PSA)
23Race Street Hall
24Randell Hall (RANDEL)
25Ross Commons
26Rush Building (RUSH)
27School of Biomedical Engineering, Science, and Health Systems
28School of Law
29School of Public Health
30Sigma Phi Epsilon
31Steinbright Career Development Center
32Stratton Hall (STRATN)
33Tau Kappa Epsilon
34The Korman Center
35Theta Chi
36Towers Hall
37University Crossings (UCROSS)
38URBN Center (URBN)
39URBN Center Annex
40Van Rensselaer Hall
41Vidas Athletic Complex
42Westphal College of Media Arts & Design
43118 N. 34th Street
44208 N. 35th Street
45225 N. 32nd Street
463201 Arch Street
473210 Cherry Street
483210 Spring Garden Street
493608 Powelton Avenue
50400 N. 31st Street
51Alpha Chi Rho
52Alpha Epsilon Pi
53Alpha Pi Lambda
54Alpha Sigma Alpha
55Alumni Engineering Labs (AEL)
56Armory (Buckley Courts)
57Baiada Center (BAIADA)
58Bossone Research Enterprise Center (BSONE)
59Buckley Green
60Buckley Recreational Field
61Buckley Tennis Courts
62Calhoun Hall
63Caneris Hall
64Center for Automation Technology (CAT)
65Chestnut Square
66Close School of Entrepreneurship
67College of Arts and Sciences
68College of Computing & Informatics
69College of Engineering
70Creese Student Center
71Curtis Hall (CURTIS)
72Daskalakis Athletic Center
73Delta Phi Epsilon
74Delta Zeta
75Design Arts Annex (CODANX)
76Disque Hall (DISQUE)
77Dornsife Center for Neighborhood Partnerships
78Drexel Park
79Drexel Police Station
80Drexel Recreation Center (DRC)
81Drexel Smart House
82General Services Building
83Goodwin College of Professional Studies
84Hagerty Library (HAGRTY)
85Handschumacher Dining Center
86Kelly Hall
87Korman Center School of Education (KORMAN)
88Lambda Chi Alpha
89Language and Communication Center (LANGCC)
90Law Building and Library (LAWBDG)
91LeBow College of Business
92LeBow Engineering Center (LEBOW)
93LeBow Hall (GHALL)

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