Cal State Long Beach Campus Map

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1Cafeteria (CAFE)
2Carpenter Performing Arts Center (CPAC)
3Central Plant (CP)
4Child Development Center (CDC)
5College of Business Administration (CBA)
6Corporation Yard (CORP)
7CSULB Foundation
8Dance Center (DC)
9Design (DESN)
10Education 1 (ED1)
11Education 2 (ED2)
12Engineering 2 (EN2)
13Engineering 3 (EN3)
14Engineering 4 (EN4)
15Engineering And Computer Science (ECS)
16Engineering Technology (ET)
17Facilities Management (FM)
18Faculty Office 2 (FO2)
19Faculty Office 3 (FO3)
20Faculty Office 4 (FO4)
21Faculty Office 5 (FO5)
22Family & Consumer Sciences (FCS)
23Fine Arts 1 (FA1)
24Fine Arts 2 (FA2)
25Fine Arts 3 (FA3)
26Fine Arts 4 (FA4)
27Foundation (FND)
28George H. Allen Field
29Hall of Science (HSCI)
30Health & Human Services 1 Classrooms (HHS1)
31Health & Human Services 2 Offices (HHS2)
32Hillside College (HSC)
33Horn Center (HC)
34Housing & Residential Life Office (HRL)
35Human Services and Design (HSD)
36International House (IH)
37Japanese Garden (JG)
38Kinesology (KIN)
40Language Arts Building (LAB)
41Lecture Halls 150 / 151 (LH)
42Liberal Arts 1 (LA1)
43Liberal Arts 2 (LA2)
44Liberal Arts 3 (LA3)
45Liberal Arts 4 (LA4)
46Liberal Arts 5 (LA5)
47Library (LIB)
48Los Alamitos Hall (LAH)
49Los Cerritos Hall (LCH)
50Mail Services (MS)
51McIntosh Humanities Building (MHB)
52Microbiology (MIC)
53Mike & Arline Walter Pyramid (PYR)
54Molecular & Life Sciences Center (MLSC)
55Multi-Media Center (MMC)
56Nursing (NUR)
57Outpost Food Service (OP)
58Parking and Transportation Service (PTS)
59Parking Structure 1
60Parking Structure 2
61Parking Structure 3
62Parkside College (PSC)
63Parkside Commons and Housing (PCH)
64Peterson Hall 1 (PH1)
65Peterson Hall 2 (PH2)
66Psychology (PSY)
67Receiving (REC)
68Recycling Center (RC)
69Reprographics (REPR)
70Residence Commons and Housing (RH)
71Social Sciences / Public Administration (SS/PA)
72Soroptomist House (SOR)
73Student Health Services (SHS)
74Student Recreation I Wellness Center (SRWC)
75Studio Theatre (ST)
76Tennis Center (TENNIS COURT)
77Theater Arts (TA)
78University Art Museum (UAM)
79University Bookstore (BKS)
80University Dining Plaza (UDP)
81University Music Center (UMC)
82University Police Department (UP)
83University Print Shop (UPS)
84University Student Union (USU)
85University Telecommunications (UTC)
86University Theatre (UT)
87Visitor Information Center (VIC)
88Vivian Engineering Center (VEC)
8949er Pool (POOL)
9049er Softball Complex (SC)
91Academic Services (AS)
92Art Annex (ANNEX)
93Barrett Athletic Administration Center (BAC)
94Brotman Hall (BH)

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