Colorado School of Mines Campus Map

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1Green Center (GC)
2Grounds / Truck Shop (2S)
3Guggenheim Hall (GH)
4Heating Plant (HP)
5Hill Hall (HH)
6International Office (ZH)
7Intramural Field (IM)
8Jones Road Complex - Public Safety & Foundation (ZA & ZR)
9Kafadar Commons
10Kappa Sigma Fraternity
11Lock Shop (S3)
12Maple Hall (MP)
13Marquez Hall (MZ)
14McBride Hall Honors (ZS)
15MEP (ZL)
16Meyer Hall (MH)
17Military Science - Trailer (5S)
18Mines Park I & II
19Mines Park III
20Moly Building (MB)
21Morgan Hall (MO)
22Outdoor Recreation (RC)
23Parking and Capital Planning & Construction
24Phi Gamma Delta Fraternity (Z1)
25Pi Phi Sorority (Z3)
26Pines Trailer-Foundation (6S)
27President's Residence (ZI)
28Randal Hall (RA)
30Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity
31Sigma Kappa Sorority (Z5)
32Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity
33Steinhauer Field House (FH)
34Stratton Hall (SH)
35Student Center (SC)
36Student Recreation Center (RC)
37Tennis Courts (TC)
38Thomas Hall (TH)
39Timberlaine Trailer 1 - University Advancements (7S)
40Timberlaine Trailer 2 - University Advancements (8S)
41Unit Operations Lab (UO)
42US Geological Survey - USGS (GS)
43Volk Gymnasium (GY)
44W. Lloyd Wright Student Wellness Center (WC)
45Weaver Tower (WT)
46Welcome Center - Future
47Wisem (ZV)
48Alderson Hall (AH)
49Alpha Phi Sorority (Z4)
50Alpha Yau Omega Fraternity
51Aqwatec (ZE, ZF & ZP)
52Arthur Lakes Library (LB)
53Aspen Hall (Z2)
54Berthoud Hall (BR)
55Beta Theta Pi Fraternity
56Bradford Hall (BR)
57Brown Hall (BB)
58Carpenter / Elec Shop (1S)
59Casa (ZD)
60Central Storage & Receiving and Music Program (CR)
61Chauvenet Hall (CH)
62Clear Creek Athletic Complex
63Coolbaugh Hall (CO)
64Coolbaugh House (ZO)
66Dining Hall (SC)
67Earth Mechanics Institute (EMI)
68ELM Residence & Dining Hall (EL)
69Engineering Hall Annex (EA)
70Engineernig Hall (EH)
71Facilities Management
72General Research Lab - GRL (RL)
73Geology Museum (RL)

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