Biola University Campus Map

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1Beachcomber Apartments
2Bell Tower
3Biblical Studies (See Calvary Chapel / Feinberg Hall)
4Biola Youth (See Professional Building)
5BOLD (See Professional Building)
6Bookstore (See Bookstore / Student Services)
7Bookstore / Student Services
8Business Building
10Calvary Chapel / Feinberg Hall
11Campus Safety
12Campus Safety / School of Education
13Center for Christian Thought (See Rose Hall)
14Central Receiving
15Chaplain's Office (See Metzger Hall)
16Chase Gymnasium / Fitness Center
17Christian Apologetics (See 14565 Valley View Ave.)
18Christian Education (See Calvary Chapel / Feinberg Hall)
19Christian Ministry and Leadership (See Calvary Chapel / Feinberg Hall)
20Communication Studies (See Perez Hall)
21Commuter Life (See Student Union Building)
22Computer Lab (See Library)
23Computer Store (See Bookstore / Student Services)
24Conservatory of Music (See Crowell Hall)
25Counseling Center (See Professional Building)
26Crowell Hall / Conservatory of Music
27Crowell School of Business (See Rood Hall)
28Disability Services (See Library)
29Dorothy English Hall
30ELSP/ISE (See Rood Hall)
31Emerson Hall
32English (See Sutherland Hall)
33Facilities Planning and Construction (See Metzger Hall)
34Facilities Services
35Financial Affairs (See Metzger Hall)
36Financial Aid (See Metzger Hall)
37Fine Arts Building / Theatre 21
38Fitness Center (See Chase Gymnasium / Fitness Center)
39Fluor Fountain
40Gatehouse: Biola Ave.
41Gatehouse: La Mirada Blvd.
42Grove Modulars
43Hart Hall
44History / Government / Social Science (See Sutherland Hall)
45Hope Hall
46Horton Hall
47Human Resources (See Metzger Hall)
48Information Technology (See Metzger Hall)
49Institute for Spiritual Formation (See Grove Modulars)
50International Student Services (See Student Union Building)
51KHPE (Kinesiology/Health/PE) (See Chase Gymnasium / Fitness Center)
52La Mirada Apartment
53Learning Center (See Library)
54Li Apartments
56Lido Apartments
57MA Apologetics (See 14565 Valley View Ave.)
58MA Science and Religion (See 14565 Valley View Ave.)
59Mail Services
60Mail Services (See Student Union Building)
61Marshburn Hall / Mayers Auditorium
62Mass Communication (FTRJ) (See Perez Hall)
63Math and Computer Science (See White Hall)
64MBA Program (See Rose Hall)
65Metzger Hall
66Modern Languages (See Sutherland Hall)
67MOL Program (See Professional Building)
68Music in Worship
69Myers Hall / Talbot
71Nursing (See Soubirou Hall)
72Olive Grove
73Parent Relations (See Metzger Hall)
74Perez Hall
75Philosophy (See Sutherland Hall)
77Power Plant
78President's Office (See Metzger Hall)
79Print Shop
80Production Center
81Professional Building
82Provost's Office (See Metzger Hall)
83Purchasing (See Metzger Hall)
85Registrar's Office (See Metzger Hall)
86Rood Hall
87Rose Hall
88Rose of Sharon Prayer Chapel
89Rosecrans Apartments #1
90Rosecrans Apartments #2
91Rosecrans Apartments #3
92Rosecrans Apartments #4
93Rosecrans Apartments #5
94Rosemead School of Psychology (See Rose Hall)
95Sand Volleyball Court
96School of Arts and Sciences (See Metzger Hall)
97School of Business (See Business Building)
98School of Education
99School of Intercultural Studies (See Marshburn Hall / Mayers Auditorium)
100School of Professional Studies (See Metzger Hall)
101Sciences (See Bardwell Hall)
102Sigma Hall
103SMU (Student Missionary Union) (See Student Union Building)
104Soccer Field / Track
105Sociology (See Rose Hall)
106Softball Field
107Soubirou Hall
108South Field
109Spiritual Development (See Bookstore / Student Services)
110STAR Program (See Professional Building)
111Stewart Hall
112Student Affairs (See Bookstore / Student Services)
113Student Health Center
114Student Mail Services
115Student Ministries (See Student Union Building)
116Student Union Building
117Sutherland Hall
118Switchboard (See Metzger Hall)
119Talbot East
120Talbot School of Theology (See Myers Hall / Talbot)
121Tennis Center
122Thompson Hall
123Torrey Honors Institute (See Sutherland Hall)
124Tradewinds Apartments
125Tropicana Apartments
126University Communications and Marketing (See Metzger Hall)
127University Services (See Metzger Hall)
128Welch Apartments
129White Hall
130Writing Center (See Library)
13114565 Valley View Ave.
132Accounting/Finance (See Metzger Hall)
133Admissions (See Metzger Hall)
134Advancement (See Metzger Hall)
135Advising Center (See Metzger Hall)
136Alpha Hall
137Alumni Relations (See Metzger Hall)
138Aquatics Program
139Archery Range
140Art Department
141Art Gallery
142Associated Students (A.S.) (See Student Union Building)
143Athletics (See Chase Gymnasium / Fitness Center)
144Auxiliary Services (See Bookstore / Student Services)
145Bardwell Hall
146Baseball Field

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